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Protecting our communities

Discover how we’re safeguarding Beaver Borough, Industry Borough, and Vanport Township with our community-focused mission.

Our Mission & Values

Our Mission

To enhance the quality of life in Beaver Borough, Vanport Twp. and Industry Borough, we collaborate with our communities to enforce laws, uphold peace, reduce fear, and maintain order.

Our Focus

 To enforce the laws impartially, fighting crime both through deterrence and the relentless pursuit of criminals.

Our Services

 patrol service is the most critical and visible aspect of the Police Department. Officers respond to crimes in progress, traffic accidents, reports of suspicious activity and requests for assistance

Keeping Our Communities Safe For Everyone

Patrol Services

“We provide dedicated patrol services ensuring safety and security across our communities


Our detectives play a crucial role in investigating and solving complex cases, gathering evidence, and ensuring justice is served.


The role of our SROs is to enhance school safety and build positive relationships with students, staff, and parents. They serve as a resource within the school community, promoting a secure and supportive learning environment.

Accident Investigation

Our accident investigations involve thorough analysis of scenes, collection of evidence, witness interviews, and meticulous documentation to determine causes and prevent future incidents, ensuring accountability and safety for all involved.

Boat Patrol

Boat patrol duties involve patrolling waterways to enforce boating laws, ensure safety compliance, respond to emergencies, assist distressed vessels, conduct search and rescue operations, and promote waterway conservation and education.

Community Outreach

Community outreach involves actively engaging with residents, businesses, and organizations to foster relationships, address concerns, educate on safety and crime prevention. building a stronger, safer community together.

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