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Department Hours

Secretaries are available Monday to Friday from 08:00 Am to 04:00 PM.  If you have an emergency Dial 911  

Does the Beaver Police Department offer vacation checks?

The Beaver Police Department does not offer physical checks of residences. If you are going away on vacation or leaving your home for an extended period, contact us at 724-773-6709 ext. 120 to provide a record of emergency information in the event a problem should occur at your residence. Access our ‘Vacation Check Form‘ for more details.

How do I contest a parking ticket?

Once a citation has been issued for an unpaid parking ticket, follow the directions on the back of the citation.

How do i contest a traffic citation?

You have ten days from the receipt of the traffic citation to plead not guilty. On the back of the traffic citation you received. There are directions on how to plead not guilty. You will need to mail in your signed plea, along with the collateral indicated on the traffic citation, to Magisterial District Justice 36-2-02 at the following address, or you can appear before the Magisterial District Justice to enter your plea:
175 Friendship Circle
Beaver, PA 15009

How do I file a police report?

Please contact the Beaver Police Department by telephone at 724-773-6709, ext. 120, or stop at the police department to file a police report.

How do I get a handicap parking placard?

Disability Parking Placards are available through the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT). The Beaver Police Department has copies of this form (PDF) available at the station.mv-145a

How do I obtain a police report?

A copy of a police report may be obtained at the Beaver Police Department for a fee of $20. The request can be made in person or by mail. Payment can be made in cash or by check, payable to the Borough of Beaver.

How do I pay a parking ticket?

Parking Tickets can be paid in person at the Beaver Police Department or mailed to:
469 Third Street
Beaver, PA 15009

How do I pay a traffic Citation?

All payments for traffic citations should be made through Magisterial District Justice 36-2-02 at:
175 Friendship Circle
Beaver, PA 15009

How to Contact Us

Between 08:00 AM to 04:00 PM, Monday thru Friday, you can call 724-773-6709 x 120
If it is an emergency Please Dial 911

How to get your accident report

To obtain a copy of your accident report, visit the local department at ”
469 Third Street, Beaver, PA 15009.
Police secretaries are available from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm.

I have a problem with motorists violating traffic laws on my street (speeding, failing to stop for posted signs, ect.). Is there anything the Police Department can do about this?

The Beaver Police Department values the importance of enforcing traffic laws to reduce traffic-related crashes and promote safety. You may call the police station at 724-773-6709 and request extra traffic patrols in your area. The information will be given to the Departments, which will then try to have an officer conduct a traffic detail in the problem area. A speed-monitoring trailer may also be set up to encourage motorists to slow down.

I just saw something that looked very suspicious, possibly a crime. I’m not sure if I should call the police. What should I do?

The Beaver Police Department encourages you to report any activity you observe that may seem suspicious or strange. Many crimes go unreported to the police because witnesses are reluctant to call, either because they feel it isn’t important or because they think they are wasting the police department’s time. It won’t be taken seriously anyway. We want to assure you that no call received will be brushed aside or not given the attention that it deserves. Concerned and observant citizens provide some of our most useful information for solving cases. Your vigilance allows us to do our jobs more effectively and with greater success. Calling the police immediately will allow officers to respond to an area quickly, allowing them to possibly stop a crime in progress and/or catch those responsible for committing it before they have left the area.

What do I do about a lost dog?

If you encounter a lost dog or lose your own, reach out to the Beaver County 911 center at 724-775-0880 to report it. They maintain records of all reported lost and found dogs. If the police find a dog without identification, it will be transferred to the Beaver County Humane Society. You can contact them at:
3394 Brodhead Rd
Aliquippa, PA 15001
(724) 775-5801

What is the telephone number for the Beaver Police Department

The Beaver Police Department can be reached at 724-773-6709, ext. 120. In an emergency, please dial 911. For non-emergency issues, please contact the Beaver County 911 Dispatch Center at 724-775-0880. The department’s fax number is 724-773-6716.

What should I do if I am pulled over by a Police Officer

What You Should Do When Being Pulled Over
If a police officer stops you while you are driving, you should:

Avoid sudden movements in the vehicle so the officer is not unnecessarily alarmed
Keep your hands visible by placing them on the steering wheel (any passengers should also keep their hands visible)
Pull your vehicle to the right side of the road out of the flow of traffic and come to a complete stop
Remain calm
Stay in your vehicle and follow the officer’s instructions
Tell the officer where you are reaching when your driver’s license, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance are requested
Turn on the interior light at nighttime after coming to a complete stop

What You Shouldn’t Do When Being Pulled Over
If a police officer stops you while you are driving, you should not:

Become engaged in an argument with the officer
Drive away until directed by the officer
Exit your vehicle
Reach for anything in the vehicle before telling the officer what you’re doing

Conclusion of a Traffic Stop
At the conclusion of the traffic stop:

If you are issued a traffic citation, you will be asked to sign for it. This is not an admission of guilt, just an acknowledgment to show that you received your copy.
If you disagree with the traffic citation, request a hearing to have your case decided by a Magisterial District Judge.

When do i need to file a crash report?

There are two types of crashes: non-reportable and reportable. A non-reportable crash occurs when no injuries occur and the vehicles involved are drivable. It is not necessary to have a police report on file for this type of crash. However, you should call the department to have an officer file a report and verify the information the other motorist provided is accurate and valid. We cannot investigate the crash if an officer is not called to the scene. We can give you an AA-600 crash report form to complete and submit to the state.

A reportable crash occurs when injuries result from the crash or if any of the vehicles involved need to be towed due to disabling damage. State law requires a report. Failure to notify police of a reportable crash is an offense under the Motor Vehicle Code.

When is Street Maintenance on my street

Street Maintenance runs weeknights from Monday to Thursday. One side of the street is covered each night . North and South streets (i.e. Beaver, College.. etc) are on Monday and Tuesday nights. East and West Streets (i.e. Second, Third… etc) are on Wednesday and Thursday nights. Please see the sign located on your street for the night on your side of the street.

Where is the Beaver Police Department

The Beaver Police Department is located at the following address:
469 Third Street
Beaver, PA 15009

Will the Police Department respond if I lock my keys in the car?

Yes. After you call the police department at 724-775-0880, stay with your car and await the officer’s arrival. You will be asked to sign a damage waiver before the officer attempts to open the door. There is no charge for this service.

Yard Waste Permits

Residents of Beaver Borough can purchase a Yard waste permit at the Borough Office, Monday to Friday between the hours of 08:00 Am and 3:30 Pm.